The bare bones info is that we’re Summerside, PEI’s roller derby league, the Wharf City Rollers.  Our team is the Twisted Sisters and we were born in 2012, under the Red Rock N Roller Derby association, along with our Charlottetown counterparts, Bootleg City Roller Derby.  Our fearless birth mothers, Mantracker, Hook’er Wheels and Disciple brought the team into existence and it continues to thrive today under the current Board of Directors and everyone in the league who helps to keep the wheels on the skates.  Our practice space moves around with the seasons, but we’ll try to keep it up to date on this website so visitors can join us anytime!  Take some time to explore this site (which as of yet, is not exactly proper- sort of like us), meet the league members, check out the schedule and find out how you can get in on the action!




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