Board of Directors

President: Shelley “HellCat Fury” Schurman

Vice President: Kristine “Krissy Karcrashian” Heer

Treasurer: Tara “Kick Her ASSets” Simmons-Arsenault

Secretary: Wendy “TBA” MacDonald-Lefurgey

Bout Director: Maureen “Mosie O’Pummell” Gay

Training Co-Directors: Coaches, Lindsane Asylum & Destructo Mollusk

Fundraising & Sponsorship Director: Shelley “Poison Lilly” Ford-Lilly

Communications Director: Sally “Vandana Shove’r” Bernard

Officiating Director: Nancy “Lady MacDeath” Manderson

Recruitment Director:  Kendra “Stompin’ Mom” MacLellan

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